RR Radio Listener Statistics – October 2010

October was good month. And even though we saw slippage in total listening hours and rank positions, The Train held strong with repeat listeners logging more time and streams, both in the U.S. and Worldwide, than they did in any previous months.
Between 49 states and 74 countries, more than 663 Listening Hours were logged through 1519 streams launched in the month of October — that’s an average listening time of more than 26 minutes per listener.

39 listeners have added our station to their “pre-set” list. Of all the other Live365 radio stations also broadcasting Rock & Roll music, we moved from 2nd to 5th place. Our “Overall” ranking amongst all Live365 radio stations also slipped slightly in October moving from position 1329 to 1540.

Total Streams Launched: 1519
Total Listening Hours: 663 hours 42 minutes
Average Listening Time: 26 Minutes 13 seconds
Genre Rank: (Beginning): 2 (Ending): 5
Overall Rank: (Beginning): 1329 (Ending): 1540

By Country
USA – Streams = 698 Total Listening Hours = 528 hours 55 minutes
Canada – Streams = 117 Total Listening Hours = 43 hours 2 minutes
United Kingdom – Streams = 102 Total Listening hours = 39 hours 18 minutes
Philippines – Streams = 6 Total Listening Hours = 8 hours 44 minutes
Japan – Streams = 39 Total Listening Hours = 8 hours 22 minutes
Australia – Streams = 27 Total Listening Hours = 4 hours 51 minutes
Brazil – Streams = 31 Total Listening Hours = 4 hours 38 minutes
Germany – Streams = 74 Total Listening Hours = 4 hours 32 minutes
Italy – Streams = 32 Total Listening Hours = 2 hours 51 minutes
Thailand – Streams = 13 Total Listening Hours = 2 hours 31 minutes
Hong Kong – Streams = 2 Total Listening Hours = 1 hour 50 minutes
Greece – Streams = 6 Total Listening Hours = 1 hour 39 minutes
Peru – Streams = 5 Total Listening Hours = 1 hour 14 minutes
Bulgaria – Streams = 2 Total Listening Hours = 1 hour

Other countries with less than 1 hour total: Costa Rica, Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, France, Slovak Republic, New Zealand, Russia, Guatemala, Serbia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, People’s Republic of China, Belgium, Denmark, India, Colombia, Singapore, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Chile, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Portugal, Czech Republic, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Argentina, Egypt, Hungary, Malaysia, Estonia, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Venezuela, Georgia, Romania, Algeria, Armenia, South Africa, Nigeria, Malta, Ireland, Austria, El Salvador, Slovenia, Netherlands Antilles, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Macau, Aruba, Uruguay, Bahamas, Brunei Darussalam, Belarus, Puerto Rico

By State
North Carolina – Streams = 117 Total Listening Hours = 459 hours 43 minutes
Georgia – Streams = 24 Total Listening Hours = 16 hours 56 minutes
California – Streams = 93 Total Listening Hours = 12 hours 13 minutes
Utah – Streams = 5 Total Listening Hours = 6 hour 14 minutes
New Hampshire = 7 Total Listening Hours = 6 hours 5 minutes
Florida – Streams = 35 Total Listening Hours = 5 hours 17 minutes
New Hampshire = 18 Total Listening Hours = 3 hours 37 minutes
Pennsylvania – Streams = 41 Total Listening Hours = 7 hours 37 minutes
New York – Streams = 98 Total Listening Hours = 4 hour 43 minutes
Illinois – Streams = 5 Total Listening Hours = 4 hours 21 minutes
Virginia – Streams = 20 Total Listening Hours = 4 hours 15 minutes
Massachusetts – Streams = 17 Total Listening hours = 3 hours 16 minutes
Ohio – Streams = 19 Total Listening Hours = 2 hours 23 minutes
Rhode Island – Streams = 8 Total Listening Hours = 1 hour 9 minutes
Minnesota – Streams = 12 Total Listening Hours = 1 hour 2 minutes

Other states with less than 1 hour total:

Understanding the Listener Statistics
Streams: Number of times the broadcast was launched
Listening Hours: Listening hours (hours:minutes).
Average Time: Average Listening Time per Launch (minutes:seconds)
Genre Rank: Station’s ranking compared to all Live365 stations in primary genre
Overall Rank: Station’s ranking compared to all Live365 stations in all genres

Thank you to all our listeners. Please keep listening and be sure to tell all your friends to add “The Train” to their presets and listen to us often. Remeber also, RR Radio streams are now being delivered through the iTunes Radio distribution network. Now you can tune into RR Radio on iTunes. Look for “RR Radio – The Train” in the “Top 40 / Pop” category of iTunes Radio.

Looking forward, we have great things planned. Yes, we’ve been saying that we will begin broadcasting Live Programming — Stay tuned and listen for our Promo’s. We’ve actually been re-tooling our electronics to provide a higher quality experience and we are now projecting live broadcast to begin in January 2011. In the mean time, enjoy the 99% commercial free play-list rotations 24/7 while content and programming are being coordinated and arranged.


  1. Commercial Free Music
    • Enjoy thousands of Live365 stations in addition to ours without commercial interruptions**

      **NOTE: Since we are a professional radio station, you will not be able to avoid any commercials we run for our sponsors and advertisers. However, as a VIP Listener, our music streams will not be interrupted by any of the commercials that are automatically inserted by Live365 for amateur stations and for Non-VIP listeners.

    • No Banner Ads or Pop-ups on the Live365 website

  2. Ultimate Access
    • No “Sold Out” Stations at anytime – Broadcasters on the Live365 network subscribe to the services based on simultaneous listeners. When those listener limits are reached, the station becomes Sold-Out. However, VIP listeners can always listen to a sold out station regardless of the number of current listeners.
    • Unlimited listening in 260 genres
    • Your presets are automatically set on all devices

  3. Higher Quality Sound
    • The Highest Quality Sound available for Internet radio
    • Hundreds of great radio stations broadcasting in mp3PRO

  4. More ways to listen
    • Commercial free from the Live365 website
    • Straight from your desktop with Live365 ‘s free PC and Mac software
    • On the go with Live365’s Mobile Phone software
    • From Internet radio devices like: Sony, HP, Phillips, TiVo, D-Link, Windows Media Center, Kinoma Play, iPhone, BlackBerry, XBOX and many more.

  5. Support DJ’s and Artists
    • Your favorite broadcasters, people like us, get a small portion of your subscription fee. Hey, it’s not much but every little bit helps offset the cost of providing you with great music and programming.
    • Live365 also pays royalties to artists and songwriters for the songs you hear

About RR Radio
On June 1st, 2010, CoordEgy, Inc. (Corporate home of Raleigh Event DJ) launched
RR Radio – Rhythms of Raleigh – “The Train” – a professional internet radio station broadcasting worldwide over the Live365.com network featuring: Rock & Roll, Pop and Top-40 music.

RR Radio provides very affordable and competitive commercial advertising packages for our business partners and is now accepting new advertising clients. If you are a business that is interested in advertising your company’s service or products to our listeners, please either:

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